New Bugs and Fish in November: Everything arriving and leaving this month in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

November has fallen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the final month of autumn has brought a new variety of bugs, fish and sea creatures for you to find.

Catching every fish, bug and sea creature will only allow you to complete two Museum exhibits and unlock two of the Golden Tool DIY recipes.

On this page you’ll find every creature that is arriving and leaving your island, as, while the Critterpedia may contain the details for each creature you collect, it only does so after you’ve caught it for the first time, which can make completing your collection difficult.

Just like October, there’s a host of new creatures to find in November, so read ahead to ensure you don’t miss anything!

New Animal Crossing bugs, fish and sea creatures arriving in November
Every new month brings a new collection of bugs, fish and sea creatures to your island in New Horizons.

Finding each of these creatures will help you complete the Museum exhibits, the Critterpedia and bring you closer to unlocking the Golden Fishing Rod and Net DIY recipes, so it’s a great idea to know exactly what you’re hunting down.

Animal Crossing bugs, fish and sea creatures leaving November
New Horizons follows the rule of equivalent exchange – for something to be gained, something must be lost. Thanks to this, you’ll want to ensure that you haven’t missed any of the creatures when the end of the month draws near or you’ll find yourself waiting until their next appearance.

We recommend focusing on the creatures leaving your island at the beginning of the month, so you don’t end up rushing around your island looking for that one particular bug or fish.

You can find more bug, fish or sea creature hunting tips on our dedicated guides for these creatures in New Horizons.